Thursday, 13 February 2014

Aesop Rosehip Lip Cream - Review

Shush don't tell the man in your life who has a joint clubcard with you but Tesco now double up clubcard vouchers for gift vouchers at - needless to say I bought myself some treats. This being a completely unnecessary but so wanted purchase. This little lip cream is £10  I'm not sure I would normally pick up such an expensive little cream if I'm honest. However I've heard amazing things about Aesop and my lips are stupidly chapped due to this horrendous weather so I couldn't resist. I'm so so glad I did - normally all of the crap in lip products makes my lips worse but the natural ingredients in this little tube simply soothed my lips completely within just a few days. It also smells beautiful which is a lovely treat. I normally use cymex medicated cream to soothe my winter lips but it's not very attractive and smells pretty medicated. This is a lovely treat and change and I'm very glad I added it to my basket. I already have lots of Aesop treats on my wishlist and loving this product has definitely made me lust for them even more. 


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