Monday, 3 February 2014

Enrapture Amplify Jumbo Wave Styler


Enrapture Amplify Jumbo Wave Styler RRP £60 - Amazon £40

I've had this heat styler for ages but somehow never got round to posting about it. It's something I was looking for, for ages and I'm really glad I bought it. It's the styler that gives you that inbetween style instead of curls and straight hair. It's so easy to use you simply clamp the hair in it for about 15 seconds and then move the styler down until the length of the hair is in waves. What I love about it it is it gives that messy volume which means you don't have to be so neat about it. It's only downfall is that it's super heavy. I have a lot of hair so by the end of styling my arm aches a little. It's really nice heat tool that gives a nice everyday style that you don't have to think too much about. I like messy hair with a bit of volume so this is perfect for me.I really want the totem styler by enrapture next it's firmly on my curls wishlist. 


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