Saturday, 15 June 2013

MUA Nectar - What colour is it?

I don't often venture into Superdrug all that often and when I do I always end up spending a few pounds on MUA products. I always have the problem at lipstick stands working out which shades I already own - I have too many lipsticks. However I only have a few MUA lipsticks and I new I didn't own the bright coral shade I swatched called Nectar - Shade 16. I came home and checked what shades I did actually own and was obviously pretty annoyed with myself at buying the exact same shade as one I already owned. 

The Necat shade 16 I picked up today is a bright orange toned coral. The one I already owned is a lighter more nude toned coral. Exact same packaging and shade number. Surely if you're going to release a new shade you'd give it a new name and shade number. They are not even close in shade as you can see above. Although initially annoyed that I bought the same shade I'm glad they don't match as I love both shades. The one I bought today glides on well like all MUA lipsticks and is the night out handbag accompaniment as you won't mind losing it for just £1. The downside to this lipstick is that it doesn't last very long but for the price you can't really complain. 

As happy as I am about it not being the same shade that I own attempting to replace either of this will be so hard - it also makes my standard do I own this shade debate even harder! Has anyone else found this with any MUA shades?

With love, Georgina



  1. That is really strange! i love that new colour though! looks great on you xx

  2. The lighter one looks like Juicy? Maybe they mixed up the stickers? x