Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll-On Kit

Veet Easy Wax Kit*: RRP £29.99 Amazon: £14.99 Bikini Refill*: £8.25

I've never really seen waxing as something I aspired to get into. In salon's it costs a small fortune and I've never wanted to start up beauty habits that cost that much. I do however get why it's a good option for hair removal especially in the summer months. I've used the cold wax strips in the past - massive waste of time but never wanted to get into the mess of wax pots in my microwave. Being hairless without stubble for longer than 2 days does sound like something that I'd be up for bringing into my life. The biggest downside to me when thinking about waxing is the need to let your hair grow so that it actually works. Hence why I've had this for a few weeks and have only just got round to using it. 

The Veet Easy wax kit comes with a wax refill for legs, 4 removal pads, the heating device and 12 waxing strips. This is incredibly easy to use you just pop the wax refill into the stand plug in and leave for 20 minutes. Well it says 20 minutes but I actually found it needed about 40 minutes to get to a rollable consistency. You roll it onto the area you want, apply a strip over and rip off. Simple. 

The leg refill has a wide roller and the bikini underarm refill has a much smaller roller for more detailed application. I waxed my underarm hair and found that I went through nearly 8 of the removal strips and 2 of the pads. Leaving me thinking I won't get very far with 12 strips trying to do my whole legs and looking across reviews people seem to have found the same problem. However you can pick up a massive pack of 100 strips on amazon for about £3 so it's something I'm sure you can get over. But with the refills being marketed at managing 4 applications it is a little annoying. 

It isn't too painful to be honest and is something you'd definitely get used too. All in all this is a brilliant kit - it is easy to use and is nice and compact to get out when you need it. However I'm a shaving girl - I don't have the time to devote a few hours to a waxing ritual I also don't have the patience to let my body hair grow long enough for this. This will be my go to holiday kit though it's perfect to get smooth holiday legs without paying a fortune in a salon. I highly recommend this if you're hitting the beach this summer or have a weekend away planned that you need to be hairless for all weekend long!

*I was sent this kit for consideration from Veet - all views are 100% my own


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