Sunday, 11 November 2012

A Catch Up with Life - November, 2012

Top to bottom - left to right: Autumnal Nails, Little bit drunk heading to Sainsbury's, My Exclusive Edition Glossybox, Weekend Away, Sexy night out with Szczuble, Face for dinner with the boy, Doggle really wanted walkies, lighting lanterns for Miss Hannah, sleepy doggle. 

Top to bottom - left to right: hot ribena :), poker, annoyed boyfriend, night out with my best, same photo on her iPad haha, nails, making christmas wrapping paper, lighting lanterns, giant marshmallows, blighe lost control of our trolley, room service tea :), classy can of vodka and tonic, graduation hat, giving lambrini cider a go, helicopters and wine, my graduation seat!

I feel like this post is way overdue - it seems like forever ago since I've actually written something non beauty related which is silly because beauty products actually only take up a very small part of my day to day life. I've done a mass instagram upload above (@georginacallen if you would like to follow) and also included some of my graduation pictures. Time seems to be going way to fast and so much seems to be happening in such a short time. 

Graduation felt very surreal as dissertation hand in was a good 5 months ago and it is very strange to look at these pictures that mark the end to a 4 year chapter in my life. The second big thing to happen over the last few weeks is that the Charity Commission officially registered The Hannah Chamberlain Foundation. We've been working to get this registration for months so actually having it was a massive achievement and all of team #THCF are crazy excited for our 2013 fundraising plans. The THCF website also got a bit of make-over so please do check it out we'll also be updating our blog regularly now with upcoming events and achievements so there's lots going on there. 

I'm also a little consumed looking for a house to move out of my parents house early next year and live with a boy. Looking at cute furniture and kitchen accessories is filling up way too much of my time. That is pretty much my life at the moment! Charity, house hunting and graduating has been my last few months as well as quite a lot of zinfandel celebrating all of those things :)


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