Tuesday, 6 November 2012

MUA Nail Constellation - Libra

MUA Nail Constellations - £3 MUA Store

I've always liked the look of the Ciate Caviar nails so I was excited when MUA bought out their much cheaper alternative Nail Constellations. I picked up shade Libra as in all honesty it was all my local superdrug had left but I did like it. It's full of mainly black beads with a few blue ones thrown in for good measure. At first I thought the funnel lid was ingenious and that the other competitors were clearly missing a trick. I then however found it quite tricky to get off - que first spillage. I had followed the instructions to the letter however so all spilled beads when neatly into a box I placed underneath. 

I chose a pure black nail varnish which is MUA Shade 2 I applied all two coats across nails but left the second coat on a statement nail ready to pour the beads. This is where it all went wrong - I applied the second coat then got all scared it was going to dry far too quickly so I got those beads the nail and pushed them into place just like it said on the bottle - que second spillage. In a frantic state they pretty much missed the box. 

I left them to dry and tried to pour the excess beads into the funnel to get them back in bottle. Que third and final major spilliage - see picture above. All in all I just made a mess. I'm sure many people could do this without getting beads just about everywhere but even after following all the instructions I just had no luck. I kind of liked the overall look but not enough to go through this little bead hell. Also within a day they'd all fallen off ... I can see why people like this but it just didn't do it for me. There are so many better nail looks in my opinoin that need a lot less work. I'm glad I never caved and bought the far more expensive version. This is a cute addition to my nail collection but it is definitely only going to be bought out for very specific looks. I really want to love this product but nothing about it really ticks any of my nail needs. 



  1. I had it in my hand the other day but I'd read everywhere that they were quite messy and at the last minute I was like... No thanks haha.

    This application process seems like a head do :(

    Well tried though :)
    Ps: you have word verification on :(


    1. You made the right decision was no where near the effort - thanks for the heads up I didn't even realise - I've taken it off now :) x

  2. awww im sorry that you didnt have the best luck. i have it at home and cant wait to try it, but i knkow i am going to make a big mess lol

    1. Haha yes it didn't go well for me - let me know how you get on I'd love to read your thoughts @georginacallen :) x