Sunday, 4 November 2012

Handmade Christmas Wrapping Paper


I know it's probably a little early for most but I've been planning Christmas for so much longer than this now and I wanted to start sharing all my homemade handmade additions to Christmas. I'll get it out there early - I am Christmas fanatic. I love everything about this holiday and the preparations are probably my favourite bit. 

Christmas is the perfect time to create homemade goodies and get crafty. But if I'm buying things I like to add a little bit of care and attention in somewhere - starting with the wrapping paper this year. I mainly make my own wrapping paper as I don't like the designs on offer in most stores also the price of wrapping paper makes me weep. You could easily spend £20 getting enough wrapping for all your family and you are literally watching that £20 be ripped up and thrown in the bin on Christmas morning. It's especially heartbreaking if you buy someone a massive present that requires an entire roll to itself.

My homemade wrapping paper makes people feel a little more special, shows a little more thought, allows you to keep to a colour scheme and most of all costs so so little. I made 12 metres for £5 but easily had enough paint to do another 6 metres. 

All you need is: 
Strong Brown Paper (6m for £1 in most stores)
Selection of Dulux Tester Pots in the colours of your choice (£1 each)
Some Christmas Foam Stamps (50p - £2)

Dulux Tester Pots are perfect for crafting like this - you get the perfect amount of paint and there is a brush built into the lid making painting your foam stamps effortless. Literally paint the stamps, press down and repeat. I did four designs altogether including just some presents in plum to wrap up the birthday presents of the seasons. I picked everything up from the range to mine but all of these goodies are available in any craft store or large home store. 

I love this wrapping paper - tied with raffia it looks so cute under a real Christmas tree. There's something about wrapping presents in brown paper that just make presents look a little more thought through and authentic to me. I can't wait to wrap everyone's goodies in this years paper. 


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  1. This is amazing! I never thought of doing something like this, and it looks so pretty! I will deffo be giving this a go soon xoxo