Monday, 12 November 2012

Moroccanoil Treatment

Morroccanoil Treatment - 25ml £12.35 100ml £30.45 

I have become a little obsessed with hair oils over the last few months - since ruining my locks with the short lived 'ombre' effect my hair is desperately asking me to treat it nicely. I've tried quite a few hair oils in the hope of getting my old hair. L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil, Tresemme Liquid Gold, and Organix Coconut Oil Serum to name but a few. However much I've loved them and they've worked for my hair I've always had the age old beauty blogger feeling of but I'm sure there's better - and as Moroccanoil is down as the original and the best I've been so desperate to try it for ages.

The thing that has stopped me is the price tag - £12.35 for 25 mere millilitres seems more than extreme when you can pick up some competitors for half the price and 4x the amount of product. However when it was featured in the recent Glossybox Exclusive Edition I couldn't pass it by.

Morroccanoil is a little luxurious glass bottle coming neatly packaged in a very cute little box. I love the branding of Morrocanoil it screams high end hair care and is simple yet informative. I kind of didn't want to like this product partly because I don't want to keep repurchasing it but I did like it - I liked it a lot. I've only been using it for just over a week but it's had a lasting effect on my hair unlike some previous hair oils I've tried that tend to make my hair only feel nourished during the day after I've applied them. Since using Morrocanoil I've also noticed my hair is more manageable after showering which means it must have some lasting effects.

Overall I love this product and think it will be hairs little treat. I find I only need a tiny amount to cover the ends of my hair so I have a feeling this little bottle will last me well. I've popped another mini bottle on my Christmas wish list. I don't intend to be repurchasing this all the time it will firmly be a Christmas or Birthday list buy I think. Maybe if I get a bonus as well it will be purchased in amongst some other expensive goodies I am lusting after - I do think this is worth the money but I also can't justify it all the time on my current budget. My hunt for a drug store alternative that matches up to Morrocanoil's lasting power is still firmly on. I'm also excited to see if this lives up to the claim that it makes your hair grow quicker - would love to read others reviews if you've given this a go please pop in the comments below :)



  1. This sounds fab and I've been lusting after it for ages! I didn't know it could help hair grow too, this makes me want it even more haha!

    1. After another few weeks of using it my hair is definitely growing faster than it normally does - highly recommend this :)