Friday, 16 November 2012

Tresemme Salon Professional Volume Curls

Tresemme Salon Professional Volume Curls £20 Amazon

When I was 16 I got a pair of GHD's and I've used them to straighten my hair ever since. They've never let me down and I've never even thought about straying away from them. My story of hair curlers and tongs is completely different in the last 7 years I have probably purchased and still have 10 types of curling tongs, wands and ceramic rollers. Ceramic rollers are probably my favourite but they take some planning you can't just curl your hair then hit the town you need to get them hot and put them in whilst getting ready which I'm often not organised enough to do on a Saturday night after a few glasses of wine. 

In a dream world I want an instrument that curls my hair ever so quickly leaving gorgeous big bouncy curls that last. I kind of somewhat have that with the Tresemme Salon Professional Volume Curls. It has a 32mm barrel which leaves you with big chunky bouncy curls that I love. They heat up pretty quickly too not out of this world quickly but not slow enough to be annoying. I also love the pink barrel they are super girly and it gets really hot (up to 200 degrees) so you get a good curl pretty quickly. 

Overall I do love this curling tong it's one of the best value for money curling irons I've bought as I've used them a lot since I've bought them - it gives my hair a nice effortless curl that is perfect for a night out. I'm still looking for my dream tong - I think as my hair is naturally straight and I have a lot of it I will never be able to find something that curls that quickly as I just have a lot of hair and secondly I probably need to focus on curling product a little more to get my curls to stay in a little longer. 

I'd love some curling product tips as I think if I get the product right this curling tong will be perfect so please leave comments :) 


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  1. I like the end result of this
    and it's affordable too, which is always a plus

    the one I currently use is the boots brand. It heats up really quickly and gives me awesome results...and it's cheap too!

    jayj x.