Thursday, 11 October 2012

Dove Nourishing Oil Care - LeaveIn Conditioner

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Leave - In Conditioning & Care Spray RRP £3.99 (£1.99 Tesco) (£1.99 Boots)

I've always used leave-in conditioner on and off - it's never really had a daily part in my hair routine but it has always been there. At the same time I've never really found a leave-in conditioner that I've really liked. I tend to use them on my roots when using a hair mask on my tips and have been getting through them much quicker than I have before. 

I have been a little in love with hair oils recently and they've worked wonders on my damaged hair so this one jumped out at me. It's the first leave-in conditioner I've come across that has hair oil in it. I love this spray you have to shake it to blend in the conditioner and oil layers then spritz away. It smells really good and like a proper hair product if that makes any sense to anyone outside of my head - it glides effortlessly into my hair. It's really made a difference to the over all feel of my hair and also smoothes it right down. I've never really loved a leave-in conditioner but I'm getting through this bottle so fast as I can't stop using it. I love it to tame my dry hair and also to spritz through wet hair to add some extra moisture. 

Has anyone else tried this or have a favourite leave-in conditioner I need to try after this one? 



  1. This looks good! I currently use an Aussie one but I think I'll try this next because of the added oils :) xx

  2. I use this on my 5yr old who has very long wavy/curly hair and it works a treat at keeping her hair less tangled and frizz free.
    If anyone else has any other leave in conditioner recs pease let me know.

  3. Hey, its grange! Just come across your lil blog, loving it! Have to add -I have something called no knots from mark hill as I have a bouffant and it is literally so amazing. I think it has oil in it too but it instantly un knots after washing and adds shine, def my must have and worth the money! X