Sunday, 28 October 2012

Original Source Cranberry & Honey Daily Scrub

Original Source Daily Scrub - Cranberry and Honey RRP £2.50 (£1.25 Tesco)

I wrote a post back in August called 'What if God made shower gel?' It was about my love and actual obsession for the Original Source Vanilla and Raspberry shower gel & handwash. I still love this scent and product to the point that I have bought the handwash for both my friend and boyfriend so I can wash my hands in it whenever I visit. I also bought spares of this handwash to take to my lodge weekend away earlier this month. My little brother picks me up three bottles of the stuff when it's on offer in Asda and there is now a shelf in my family bathroom full of the stuff. I bathe in it, I shower with it and I often just sniff it. 

Yes it is weird and verging on an unhealthy obsession. I love Original Source from their simple straightforward packaging to the pure perfect scents that sit within each one. I also love me a body scrub so of course I bought this little gem. I'm sure you can guess by now that I love this too. I love the scent not as much as raspberry and vanilla but I still really love it. It smells ridiculously natural with the perfect amount of zing from the cranberry and sweetness from the honey. I use one of those scrunchy pouffe things in the shower so I don't use this daily like it suggests as all the little beads get lost in my daily shower routine. 

I tend to use this when I have a little more time to spend in the shower and am not rushing around. It also means it fits into my shower routine whilst keeping hold of my obsession with Vanilla and Raspberry shower gel. I can't wait to move out and adorn my bathroom with all these original source wonders. 

What's your favourite Original Source scent?


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