Saturday, 20 October 2012

Models Own - Naked Shimmer

Models Own Nail Varnish £5 Boots

I own far too many nude nail varnishes - Nyla Nude by Models Own is my clear favourite but I wanted to give this shade a go because it looked all pretty and shimmery online. It's a lovely pale nude shade which has a lovely creamy tone rather than the slightly pink tone of Nyla Nude. It's not really showing in the image but it has a slight gold sheen to it in certain lights. It's an ever so subtle sheen but a nice bit of glamour compared to the alternative plain nude shades I have in my collection. 

I kind of love it. I didn't need it but it's nothing like any of the nudes I have so it is completely acceptable ... 



  1. This is a gorgeous nude shade, and I like that it has a slight sheen to it :) I bought a few nail polishes in the Model's Own sale and am really loving them x

  2. I love this shade.I actually dont own any nude shades :| shocking! I might pick this one up :) I think its such a classic look xx