Saturday, 27 October 2012

Essie - Mini How High (588)

Essie - Mini How High £6.95 (eBay)

I was really excited to try this out - I spend a lot of time trying to get an opaque really light pink for my nails and I thought this could be the one. Sadly it isn't but it is a lovely top coat - I haven't swatched this as it's very nearly clear and you can't see it enough in photo's to really do it any kind of justice. It's a lovely polish and like all Essie varnishes applies easily. It adds a nice pink sheen to my bare nails or a slight pink tone to any other colours it looks so pretty over a bright and sometimes harsh pink colour that I have plenty of in my collection.



  1. Such a pretty color!

  2. This is my problem too! I find a really cute pastel color and I get these high expectations then my hopes get crushed because all I see is a light tint. haha Glad I'm not alone on this problem but best of luck to find these pastel nails.