Saturday, 13 October 2012

Dymo Letratag LT100H Label Maker

Dymo Letratag LT100H Label Maker - Amazon £14.99 

I remember when I was little my dad used to have this label maker that embossed a really cool type font onto strips of sticky plastic. When reminiscing about this little label maker that was used to mark up just about everything I really wanted to get one of my own. Organisation is the top of my CV - I have tabbies for everything tangible and a spreadsheet for everything else.

I picked this little hand held label maker up for just £14.99 including delivery from Amazon. It prints using thermal printing so there's not costly ink cartridges. I have a variety of tapes for it including plastic, paper and metallic so I can literally make a label for everything. I love it so much - my organisation has just hit new levels I have labels for everything and my storage is looking so much neater. You can also put little symbols and borders on your labels. I highly recommend this label maker it is so simple and you can label up pretty much everything.


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  1. I remember my Mum had one of those embossed ones but we could never get it to work!