Sunday, 16 December 2012

Glossybox Christmas December Box 2012

It's Christmas Glossybox time again - scared the hell out of me because how was it one entire year ago when the lovely red box was released? I loved last year's December box  and was sure this year's Christmas edition wouldn't disappoint. And it didn't. My Glossybox posts are never usually this photo heavy but for some reason I just wanted to go to town this month. 

Rituals Magic Touch
I was so excited to see rituals in this months box as last years shower gel from them was probably one of my favourite Glossy products ever. This body cream is in scent cherry blossom and rich milk and smells divine. It's fruity enough to be refreshing but also so soothing in it's smell which I think comes from the rice milk. I have smelt a lot of Rituals product and they are never a let down on the scent front. This is super thick and lovely on the skin I'm looking forward to using this. 

Anatomicals Fruity Lip Gloss
I've tried a few anatomicals products so far and I love their packaging. However that's as far as it seems to go for me - the scents always seem a little child like and not that thought through in my opinion. I can't wear lip gloss either as it just doesn't agree with my lips so this probably my least favourite product to no fault of theirs it just doesn't tick my boxes. 

Seche Nail Lacquer - Shade Iconic 
This is ever so Christmassy I've never heart of the brand but it does live up to it's one coat promise. Above is a swatch of just one coat and it's definitely covered my nail completely so I was super impressed with this and will look out for it in future. 

Milk_Shake Conditioning Whipped Cream 
Again have never heard of this brand but I am a huge lover of leave in conditioners so I'm excited to give this a go and will probably give it a full review once giving it a proper test. 

A little bonus blush it's a lovely pink colour that for some reason wouldn't really pick up with my camera even though it's pretty pigmented. A nice little blusher as an extra - I prefer larger blushes as I really like to get brush swirled around but who can complain it's cute and a nice shade. 

I got so excited swatching the Sleek Ultra Matts V2 palette that I didn't end up taking a picture of the palette itself. Oops. As you can see above though it's a lovely matte palette with a mixture of base colours and deep pigmented darks. I really like it - I want to say it's a pretty sleek palette without being overly cheesy. The packaging is really nice and it is a welcome addition to my eye-shadow colours. 

Overall very happy with this box lots of gorgeous things to try out and a few brands I hadn't heard of which I love.


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