Saturday, 22 December 2012

Trio of Vivo Pearl Eyeshadows - Smoky Pink, Goddess & Champagne

Vivo Eyeshadow £1 (here)

These little gems were another one of those - I've spent more on make-up than on food Tesco shops. My spending wasn't down to these as each one comes in at a bargainous £1 each. I picked up three pearl shades even though I think I acutally prefer the Matte collection from Vivo as it's much more wearable and I find the pearl collection is a little bit more night out for me. However being the ridiculous person I am I picked up three shimmery shades because I do like things that sparkle.

I bought smoky pink, goddess, and champagne. Goddess (gold) and smoky pink are definitely not shades I'd normally pick up but I was obviously feeling a little adventurous on this day. I like the gold toned Goddess as it goes really well with my usual brown and cream eye looks. However smoky pink just doesn't work for me my boyfriend actually used the term 'are you going for a bit of an 80's vibe today?' I wasn't going for this vibe and I never will be something about it's purple tone just doesn't work on my skin. Champagne is probably my favourite as it's a cute little highlighter cream that I find I can use time and time again. For £1 these are still some of my favourite eye shadow's to play with - as they are so cheap you really don't feel bad about buying a colour that doesn't suit you!


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