Friday, 9 December 2011

Glitter & Animal Print - Today's Nails

I've had so much uni work recently I haven't had time to do my nails properly so they've just been painted nude. However due to a cancelled seminar I had a spare bit of time to experiment.

I really do think having all of your nails the same colour is only necessary if you need to look prim and proper and today I really put this to the test. On my 10 fingers I have 3 different types of nail wrap, 3 nail colours and some diamant√©.

Models Own - Champagne (my favourite metallic ever!)
Barry M - Mushroom 
Nail Art Pen - Gold Glitter
Nail Rock - Metallic Leopard Print Wraps
eBay wraps - gold snakeskin 
eBay wraps - gold floral 
Gold diamant√© from a diamant√© wheel 

Altogether they look really fun and as most of my wardrobe is animal print or shades of brown they will go with everything! The nail wraps usually last for about a week so having some nails in varnish as well means I can change these as the week goes on. 


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  1. Love love love this nail print.. it so pretty and perfect .. please i hope u can follow me back