Friday, 30 December 2011

The Pinker The Better - NYE Nails.

So I am having a little the night before New Years Eve beautifying session which mainly involved removing red hair dye (post to follow) and have created the girliest pinkest nails imaginable whilst doing so. 
I really do get bored of just having one colour on my nails and boy does it show here ... 

Barry M - Pink Flamingo 
Barry M - Bright Pink 
Models Own - Pastel Pink 
Models Own - Pink Fizz 
Diamant√© - silver, light pink and bright pink 

I painted all of my nails different shades of pinks and one on each hand in pink fizz. On the fingers that weren't pink fizz and bar one I painted the tips with pink fizz too. 

Then on the one I didn't add a pink fizz tip too I covered in bright pink, light pink and silver diamant√© from a diamant√© wheel I got from eBay for just a few pounds. 

I'm not even sure what I'm wearing yet as my original dress is a little too glam and uncomfortable for my night in planned with friends. But I don't want to take these nails off so it's looking like it'll be pink or black :)

Planning outfits around my nails, o dear. 


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