Thursday, 8 December 2011

Tan Addiction.

I'm not sure when or how it happened but I'm pretty much a fully fledged tan addict. The bottles pictured are only two of a very large collection. I've tried nearly all of the main brands on the market and am a sucker for a deal, as with most things in life. 

Instant Tan: Pictured here is a bottle of Asda instant wash off self tan it was only £2 for a large tube so price was the main reason I bought it. However it's easily one of the best I've used. In a bit of a mad 'OMG it's so cheap' panic I bought ALOT of the stuff in one go and the bronzing shimmer one is perfect for a night out and the matte is brilliant for day to day or just to top up a developer tan. 

Developer Tan: I've been through a lot of budget developer tans and they work well, but they as a whole really stink, and taking the smell of digestive biscuits into an office or party isn't the best look. Following many patchy experiences I found St Tropez - it was a love at first tan situation and I paid the hefty price tag for a long time as well as stocking up from everyone I knew at Christmas and Birthdays. 
Then I found Lauren's way. I'm actually incredibly sceptical of celebrity own brand products like this but my twitter feed was full of rave reviews for months. I finally decided to buy the tanning kit of a mousse and lotion. After one application I bought about a 6 month supply (hence still having the old packaging as pictured) It doesn't smell, it develops evenly and it's a deep dark brown rather than some orange tones you get from a lot of brands. You can see the difference from the leg application pictured! 

That pretty much sums up my current tanning experience, I know it's a habit that is hated by most but I just love having a tan and would never use sunbeds so for me this is the best option. The tans on the market just seem to be getting better and better, so expect more tanning blogs in the future. There's a lot of new Lauren's Way products on my Christmas list so fingers crossed Santa is a fan of the tan too.  


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