Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Love Thy Makeup.

I originally ended up on looking for this delicious nail varnish  I found another blogger's post. However it was out of stock at the time and I ended up browsing and buying this amount of goodies ... oops. I am really brand loyal when it comes to make-up and definitely have my pre-selected favourites. However I keep finding myself leaving my hand-bag make-up bag at home or staying at friends without the essentials so thought these cheap little beauties could be the perfect answer! 

I bought: 
Eyeliner Crayon 
Retractable bronzer brush 
Liquid foundation 
Pan Stick 
2 x double ended eye crayons 

Eyeliner Crayon - this is very cute I love the design to it and it smells just like children's crayons which I imagine is just a coincidence. It smudges well, sometimes a little two well as does drop down a little on the eye. However it's a perfect top lid liner and great for smoky eyes as smudges so well. 

Ingenious cover pump foundation - I love my clinque foundation but try to save it for nights out and when I really need to cover up. So I often try and find some lighter variations for day to day that alot cheaper. I like this one alot it left quite a sheen to my face though and it definately needed to be mixed with some bronzing highlighter to take out the more yellowey tone for the £2.49 price tag though it is perfect to take out or for the times when other cover-ups have run out. 

Pan Stick - this was one of my favourite products out the selection I bought it was the perfect colour for me and even though it smelled really makeupey (if that even makes sense) it glides on perfectly and is perfect for my handbag. 

Glamorous sultry eye duo's - I bought two of these one in black and cream and one in brown and gold. They remind me very much of the Rimmel duel ended eyeshadows and are near identical.  These are perfect for base and lining lashes the brown and gold one is ideal for day wear and the black for a more intense night time look. I find the cream and black quite a contrast next to each other on my skin so find another grey or silvery shadow is needed to split them up. 

Bronzer - this was my least favourite of the product, it didn't apply well to my face at all and nor did it blend either. It was probably a little dark for my complexion but I also have a fantastic love for the fake bake bronzing palette that can't be beaten in my opinion. 

I have left my favourite till last ... The Illuminating Face Primer. This was just £3.99 Available here. What stood out to me to begin with was the likeness between the packaging and the benefit product 'that gal' It's near identical and as the product was similar I thought it was worth a go seen as though it was less than a quarter of a price. I absolutely love it, it's soft and a perfect primer. It doesn't smell quite as nice as the benefit one but for such a price drop I really can't complain. This is definitely staying in my make-up bag for a long time! 


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