Sunday, 11 December 2011

Nail Varnish Rack.

I've been searching for a way to store and hold my nail varnishes now for a very long time, especially as my collection is growing at a crazy speed. I've considered a vanity case but I always end up not using certain colours for ages as they are at the bottom and I forget I even have them. 

Sooo after taking some inspiration from a fellow blogger Britneys post  I tasked myself with making one. And it was surprisingly easy to make with the added man power of the boyfriend. 

2x 2.4m of 50mm wood 
1x 2.4m of thin dowl 
Paint in the colour of your choice  
About 25 Nails 
And some hooks for the wall! 

It's pretty self explanatory to make you just create a frame mine is 80mm x 40mm with 40mm shelves and just nail it all together. I advise the assistance of man for the hammering but I am particularly weak so you may just be able to go it alone! 

I painted mine a delicious shade of pink it's rasberry from wickes durable range. 
So happy with the end result and it's big enough to have space for some Christmas additions to my collection, fingers crossed santa has some pretty colours in his sack.