Friday, 9 December 2011

Nail Wraps, it's a love hate thing.

When I first found nail wraps I was so excited - as a nail art fan it was a complete dream. I first used nailease ones which take a completely different application to the ones I now use. They were very fiddly and the storing of the second set proved near impossible to stop them from drying out. Then in a bit of a girly I want my nails to match my outfit kind of way I bought the metallic nails rock leopard print set that went with a dress I had.

I absolutely love the nail rock designs they fit with all of my wardrobe and do the things I can't achieve with nail art pens. However I do find them really thick and they feel a bit strange on your nails. Overall their end effect outweighs the weird feeling and if applied correctly they do last for about 10 days! 

Since they have around about a £6 price tag they aren't going to break the bank but on a student budget I'm always looking for cheaper alternatives so went on an eBay search for them. I found hundreds of sellers offering them from as little as £1.50 delivered so bought a few sets. All of my current collection are pictured above. I've so far actually found the cheaper eBay versions a lot easier to apply and a
lot thinner however to see how long they last will need to be seen in time. 

I know lots of people despise nail wraps and I often feel the same as they are very tricky to trim onto nails. However for me I love the designs and am waiting for a company to make some where I can put my own images and designs on!


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