Thursday, 29 December 2011

New Shoes.

I'm a real sucker for a pair of shoes and have recently added three delicious pairs to my collection over the festive season that I wanted to share because I completely love them. As you can see above I have quite a selection that is growing fast. The higher the better for nights out and I think shoes do look prettier when they are sky scrapers so am always drawn to them. However I do flats in general in the day unless it's a special occasion because I get sore feet super quickly and would be a rubbish shopper in heels - I don't know how women shop all day in heels! 

I got these in the Accessorize sale for a bargainous £14 (down from £28) I love them! They are perfect flats for uni and just day to day and as my wardrobe is mainly brown they go with pretty much everything! They are super soft too - so far no blisters!

They are still on their website here. 

I got these for Christmas they are from Miss Selfridge - I can't find a link as think they've been taken down during post Christmas sales. But they cost about £50. I love love love them! I have a huge collection of peep toe shoes which just aren't practical for winter and I don't think tights peeping through looks all that nice either and I am as massive tights fan at this time of the year! I love the colour of these and again they'll go with everything! I also love the heel to these as it's a little sturdier than most of my heels! 

Finally I picked these little beauties up from Marks and Spencer yesterday. I saw them a few days ago and was trying to not spend too much money however I had to go back and get them. They were £55 and were reduced to £29. I love the little brown cut out buckle on the side and they are real leather so are super soft. They don't have a platform either so are perfect for interviews, and most formal times when a flat or a platform just doesn't cut it. Again they'll go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe! 

They are still on their website too here


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  1. these shoes are gorgeous! my favourite are the last ones!x

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