Monday, 6 February 2012

Benefit High Beam V's Technic High Lights

I've wanted to get my hands on Technic High Lights for ages! The gorgeous Shay from did this post on it and sent me in the right direction to find it. I love cream highlighters and the Benefit High Beam is one of my favourites. However I've been sparsely using a sample I got in an issue of glamour magazine due to not really wanting to spend so much on the full size. A now discontinued No7 highlighter product in the biggest of tubes has sufficed in between (200ml!!! its lasted forever no wonder its been discontinued - no-one had to rebuy). 
So when I saw technic's high lights I was very excited to try it out. 

Pictured swatches are high beam above and high lights below. These products look so similar it's unreal, the packaging, an even the fonts of the two brands are so near each other. The actual product is a little different. Highlights is a looser more creamy colour whereas high beam is a little thicker with a slightly pinker tone. 

However that's me being picky - the brushes are nearly the same (which I love - so easy to apply) high lights is a little thinner and more nail polish'y and high beam is slightly fatter - they both do the same thing. No longer do I dream of buying full size high beam - high lights has well and truly filled the gap in my make-up bag. My miniature high beam will be popping back in my hand bag make-up bag for top ups. 

I love the benefit brand but I think sometimes it's the packaging and whole gifty experience that I buy into with them. Some of their products are in my must-haves however it's always a bit of a weighing up situation as it is all so expensive. Finding these little gems is perfect if your on a budget and I love finding dupes! Technic have come up with the goods in terms of price and product once again for me. 

Has anyone else used highlights or a massive high beam fanatic? 



  1. babe i dont use high lighters and its bugging me!
    i need to!

  2. Ahh thanks for that, i've now bought on ebay and saved lots of money ;-) x

  3. apparently a store near me sells this stuff for 1,99 !! i must check it out!