Friday, 3 February 2012

E.L.F Haul.

I've read lots of reviews which have mentioned little bits of E.L.F products here and there and when I saw they had a brilliant coupon going last weekend I thought I'd make an order for some of the things I was looking at. They always have free delivery on orders over £30 but when I ordered it was over £10 and a free gift included which I thought was amazing value. (E.L.F Store Link.)  Altogether my order only came to £13 which I think when and if you scroll through the mass of products I received you'll agree is amazing value!

I was expecting maybe a free polish or make-up bag type gift but actually got the above. I thought this was amazing considering the low value of order needed and it made me very excited as the nail polishes included were colours I probably wouldn't buy normally. Also the little mirror is so cute and is perfect for out and about make-up bags.  I've included the products in categories below to review so hopefully that makes more sense I had so much stuff it was hard to work out how to include it all!

Nail Varnish: I ordered two polishes the matte finish and light pink which I reviewed previously here  and the more I've used this product the more I'm impressed with it. The light pink is very thin in colour but gives a lovely glossy pink shimmer so is perfect for a top coat or just for really plain nude nails. 
I also received party purple and purple pleaser as part of my free gift. These two go so well together which I'm not sure if its intentional but brilliant to do as part of a gift. I've been wearing them a lot so they'll feature in a future Today's Nails post. 

E.L.F nail varnishes can be bought from as little as £1 but most are £1.50. Bargain! They are definitely not to the quality of Models Own or any high end nail company but they are perfect to try out some different colours, two coats coverages is really good I found it chipped quite quickly and the brush was kind of big which I actually liked but takes a little getting used to. Brilliant for the price though. 

Shimmer: I'm a sucker for all things sparkly and shimmer so bought a few. Shimmering Facial Whip in Citrus is a really thick shimmer product that comes in the tube really easy to apply and great to add a bit of shimmer over foundation. So easy to use and was only £1.50. 
I also bought two all over cover sticks in Persimmon and Spotlight. I love the idea of these as they are so compact and versatile and were only £1.50 each again. At first they are quite hard to use quite literally but after a few swatches they softened up a bit and added lovely colour to wherever you want it. They are chunky so you will need a brush for eye application and you do need to push quite hard onto cheeks to make sure you get a decent amount of shimmer.

Brushes: I bought an eye smudge brush, foundation brush and blusher brush. Again all were £1.50 each. I bought these mainly to keep at my boyfriends house as I always manage to forget to take brushes for some reason. The blusher and foundation brush are good they I like the diagonal slant to the blusher brush makes it a lot easier to use. The foundation brush is lots smaller than my usual one but will be fine for occasional use if I leave it at my boyfriends house. 
However the smudge brush has made it into my everyday make-up kit. I love it, I used to have an eyeliner (No7 I think) with the same sponge type applicator on the other end, this is perfect to hide any imperfections when in a rush doing your make-up. Which I am most of the time. 

(Swatch: Black Bandit above - Ash Eyeliner Below)

Eyeliners: I bought the ash eyeliner here and the Black Bandit shimmer pencil came as part of my free gift. Both come with sharpeners which I thought was quite a nice little extra considering again they were only £1.50 each. I've wanted to try a greyish eyeliner for ages as I've always used black and I love the colour. These eyeliners are budget they are perfect for make-up top-ups but for me they just didn't smudge very well or blend into anything. I'm not knocking them as they are so cheap but they're definitely not for me as I prefer to smudge eyeliners into each other rather than just having a strong line. However these will make it into my night out make-up bag as losing these wouldn't break the bank. 

WOW after all of that I can't really believe it was £13 including delivery. I was very impressed, I think E.L.F products are brilliant quality for the price. They are ideal for make-up to keep at the boyfriends house or in your hand-bag. My favourite product is definitely the matte finish top coat nail varnish and the shimmer whip. 

Have you tried E.L.F before or their Studio range? 



  1. Need to buy from ELF! You got so much stuff for so cheap! Really want to try their brushes. Have the stippling brush but want some eye brushes:) Great post x

    1. I know their so good. If you use the code BRUSHLOVE before the 6th Feb all brushes are just £1 - I might get some eye brushes too :) x

  2. Looks like you got some good stuff! I keep meaning to order some things from Elf. For the price you can't really go wrong! x