Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I lost my MAC virginity to a lipstick.

So a week or so ago when I stayed with my wife Miss Holly we made our way over to Westfields. One of my main reasons for being deadly excited to go a part from the obvious mass of amazing shops was the MAC store. Living in Southampton one of the largest cities on the South Coast my entire town does not have a MAC store or even a MAC counter. (if any girls of Southampton know of one I'm missing then please let me know?) 

Since TLC released 'Unpretty' in 1999 singing about owning everything that MAC had to offer I have always wanted a piece of 'magic.' So living in this big town without one you can imagine the excitement an entire MAC store held. 

How disappointed we were. We had to queue outside at 4pm on a Saturday which I didn't mind too much although I did feel like one of those teenagers who had trekked to Hollister to queue on the other side of the shopping centre walk way for a t-shirt vest but the beauty version. (It might only be people who have visited West Quay that understand this comparison) So anyways I was willing to put this to one side as it was MAC after all and the queue wasn't that big. 

I knew exactly what I wanted after lusting over their website for months so I headed in on a mission. It wasn't enjoyable at all. If I'm going to spend serious money on products I want a bit of an experience or something to make it seem kind of worthwhile. It was jam packed I couldn't find anything, all of the shop assistants were tidying eye shadow racks instead of actually assisting anyone and they didn't have any fluidline - the one product I was armed to buy for my best friend who specifically wanted dip down. 

So we left kind of quickly and from the comfort of my home I ordered the things I wanted in bliss. I'm sure a Saturday at Westfield wasn't the ideal time to hit MAC but we did leave it until 4pm - basically they just need a bigger store. Most beauty counters are bigger than their entire store and with such a large range it just didn't work. It definitely didn't put me off my complete lust for getting some MAC goodies though. 

Choosing a lipstick shade was crazy hard there are easily about 20 shades I could purchase straight away. I chose the frost lipstick 'Ramblin' Rose' because I've been looking for a perfect every day shade and I thought this would hit the spot. 

The packaging is spot on like everything MAC does - it's simple and effective and I love it. 

The colour is lovely it's a nude tone with a pinky shimmer going through it. 

I didn't actually expect the lipstick to feel a lot better than other lipsticks that I have. It might have been the placebo effect but I found this super creamy and perfect on my lips it didn't dry them out at all and I was shocked at how good the quality felt. Converted me a little bit more to the brand as if I needed anymore.

Apologies for my skin in these pics winter breakout just won't budge :(

I really love this shade it's promptly been put in my hand bag and I have been using it all the time. Looking back I'm shocked I haven't bought anything before - please bring a MAC counter to Southampton!
(there is a John Lewis and a Debenhams to place your counter :) )

I have a few other things I've bought and a mini order on the way (couldn't resist a code for Viva Nicki) 
Ssssh don't tell my bank manager he's not my friend at the moment as it is ;/ 

So I'm very excited to bring a few MAC things into my make-up bag. 

Are there any must-haves I need to add to my Birthday/ Christmas wish list? 



  1. I love the colour of that lipstick! I always go for mac ones because other lipsticks just dry my lips out. I usually wear myth which is a really nice nude colour (: x

    1. Ooo have been looking at myth tonight actually - thinking this could become an expensive hair :) x

  2. I can't believe you had never bought any MAC before :-) their lipsticks are so colourful but I find them a little drying! this looks like a lovely nude one! I usually wear hue :) another one for you to try! xxx

    1. I know it's rubbish not having a counter in the entire city! Might start that campaign to get one! Will add that to my list thankyou :) x

  3. This looks gorgeous I have also just bought my first Mac purchases recenly too and can't believe I have waited so long, I want to try so many lipsticks now :D x

    1. Same literally could try them all if my bank balance allowed for it tehe x

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