Sunday, 12 February 2012

Precious Beige, Color Sensational - Loreal

Again this is another lip product that made it to the depths of my cosmetic collection - but one I do really love. I can't find it on-line anywhere but I didn't buy it that long ago so doubt it's completely gone. It's shade 605 Precious Beige Color Sensational.

 I kind of hope the reason I can't find it on-line is because they've just re branded the product as the packaging on this for me is hideous. It's in like a translucent brown plastic case over it's silver tube. I know they used brown for the cream shades and pink for the pinks etc. but for me the brown tube is just ugly. 

I do love this lipstick though mostly as it goes perfectly if you're going to va va voom eyes its got a little bit of shimmer in too which makes it a lovely product and it's super creamy and easy to apply as most lipsticks are. I think if you were slightly more pale skinned it would completely melt your lips into your face though as it is very pale. Mine just make I think. 



  1. I haven't tried any Loreal lipsticks yet! Looks lovely on you.

    New follower :)

  2. This lipstick is a lovley colour, great post, I hope you will follow my blog :)