Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Valentines Scrooge.

It is officially less than a week till Valentines Day. I kind of hate this day, it leaves single people feeling awful and people in a relationship never matching up to the hype. Don't get me wrong I love, love but it is just so over done now and holds far to much anticipation for things that no-ones even sure they want. It's everywhere this year (even my local post office has a stand) lines of teddy-bears holding hearts that say 'I love you' and cards with long winded poems. Surely it would be nicer if someone just said I love you every day and maybe bought a bottle of your favourite wine than the £10 bear you won't know where to put? 

I'm the worst culprit of getting over excited and expecting too much. But this year I have have decided that love is a brilliant thing and it shouldn't just be about teddy bears and flowers that you don't really want from your loved one it should be about just being with people you love. I have planned a massive week of love as usual one day isn't enough. A lot of it is coincidental but I also think it has worked out pretty nicely. 

Some of my best Valentines days have been with my single friends and this year I have one with each of them! A weekend in London post Valentines to drink cheap fizzy wine and eat a dine in for two with my Wife Miss Holly Salter! The night after will be spent with my best friend Sophie seeing Olly Murs in concert (yummy) and having a student night out in Bournemouth town! Hopefully recreating memories like these ... 

Actual Valentines night will of course be spent with my boyfriend, staying in away from the triple priced set Valentines menu's swopping cards and eating some of our favourite food and watching a film we've been meaning to catch. Nothing at all out of the usual - he may even get a small present just because as much as it's over commercialised rubbish ignoring it and not doing anything also shows a distinct lack of love. 
(Haha I'm so complicated- does that even make sense to anyone outside of my head?)

So single or taken just spend it with the people you love, eating food you love and drinking the wine you love! 

I don't think many boys read this but if they are - never under any circumstances buy your girl a bear that is holding a heart saying 'i love you' tell her and if you want to buy her something get her that bag she's been lusting over for the last few months. It will give you far more brownie points. 


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