Monday, 20 February 2012

MUA Lipstick - Shade 7

I've heard an read such great things about MUA cosmetics but sadly my local Superdrug MUA stand looks less than happy. However I ventured into town the other week and luckily their stand was brimming full of goodies. Obviously the major plus to buying MUA is their price point. I picked up a few goodies but have only had a chance to try out this lipstick so far. 

Their entire lipstick range comes in at £1. :0 It can be bought here on the Superdrug website. Despite reading so many amazing things about the range and in particular the lipsticks the price still left me a little unsure. Surely a decent lipstick couldn't come in at £1? And the answer is yes! I loved this lipstick Shade 7 that I tried is a lovely pink shade with slight corally tones. It's a brilliant cross between nudey pinks and bright pinks and could be worn day or night. It's super creamy and considering I have very dry lips it didn't dry them out at all. 

My only criticism (and it's a stupid one) is that they name their lipsticks more memorable names. I know it's silly but buying online is so much easier when products are named things that have reference to their colour. However I can't really fault the product itself £1 is spot on for me. I don't wear lipstick all the time so with prices like that you can play around with colours and try new things without worrying. 

I'd love to hear any shade recommendations if you've tried MUA lipstick, although I am tempted to pick up nearly the entire range ... 


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  1. welcome to the world of mua doll! :) oxoxo