Friday, 24 February 2012

Front Cover Eye-Shadow Palette

I've seen a lot of the kind of magazine looking make-up kits that front cover sell in Boots but their not something that really appeals to me so I've never purchased anything by this brand before. I bought this little palette and selection of eye shadows simply due to price. In boots this little selection was 75% off :0! I'm kind of thinking this range might be being discontinued either by boots or altogether as this is the same thing that happened with my much loved Ruby and Millie range that they stocked. 

Originally the shadows were £4 and the palette was £5. In sale the entire palette full of four shadows came to £5.25. I've search on-line and they are still showing up at full price on the front cover site here. 
I couldn't find this selection in my local Boots as the one I bought was in the large Westfields store however this link should take you to their discounted price on-line at 
They are currently £1 for each shadow and if you buy the four shadows you get the palette free! 
The link keeps changing for me and I've had to keep re-linking a few times so if that doesn't work just search front cover and they all come up for me. 

Anyway back to the actual eye shadows they have a lovely selection ranging from darker blacks through browns, golds, blues, purples and through to creams and whites. I really like the idea of making up a little palette to suit you and its an opportunity to try some new colours and not just end up with the standard light to dark shades you get in most palettes. 

The shades I bought and that are pictured are: baked bronze, twinkling grape, pale gold and powder puff. They are baked shadows and the palette comes with a double ended brush. I really like the shadows they blend well and the selection of colours are gorgeous. I will definitely be picking up some different shades to make some more palettes up as they are bargainous!



  1. What a bargain!!! i just tried to order online after reading this but it said the pallet was sold out :(

    going to have a look in my local store tomorrow, thanks xxx

  2. I got one of these, they are soo good :)
    I love that you can create your own palette :)

    Laura xoxo