Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Life Catch-Up, February 2012.

This blog post feels like a long time coming ... I had the best week last week and haven't had a chance to get on here and do much due to being crazy busy. I only slept in my own bed 2 nights out of 7! 

Myself and my best friend Sophie are mad Olly Murs fans. We were present at his first ever X Factor audition so we kind of feel like we know him haha. We stayed at a very cheap hotel which was a little like an old people's home but it was so cheap you can't complain we just needed a bed really. However the power cut during the hour we attempted to get ready did make life quite difficult :) 
Olly Murs was so amazing we had such a good night! 

Then for the weekend I headed to London town to visit my wife Holly Salter who's recently moved there. We had an amazing weekend drinking cheap wine, shopping and just generally being ridiculously girly. After living together for three years its weird not being able to go next door and share nail polish and watch trash TV together. I think that's kind of why my blog has evolved to fill this gap in my life since I moved home again. We were vaguely healthy in Pizza Express and ordered two of their new leggara pizza's which were actually really filling and delicious! We had a valentines meal and shared cards and even popped some Valentines crackers (they literally make everything for this day now)

I also included a little picture of my give blood bandage as I gave blood for the first time this week. It's something I've been meaning to do for so long as I think it's so important and it was kind of a new years resolution to get round to doing it properly this year. If anyone's thinking about it definitely take the plunge its so easy and quick and it can do so much good! I've already signed up for my second visit in July! 


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