Friday, 17 February 2012

Estee Lauder - BB Cream

I got my hands on a little Estee Lauder BB cream sample this week and as ever was very excited to try it out. I reviewed the Garnier version early last month here. I love the Garnier tube I bought and have been using it nearly every day since. 

The meaning of BB creme on all products across brands has been 'Blemish Balm' however Estee Lauder are marketing their version as Beauty Benefit Creme. Which does make it a little confusing but for me makes more sense to what BB creme actually is and does. 

I only had a little sample tube to try but it's lasted a few days and I've enjoyed using it. It has a really fresh scent almost like cucumber, it has the same consistency as many of the other brands I've tried. My sample was in light which was fine for my skin tone maybe a little too light but it worked as it blended in well. It didn't offer as much coverage as my Garnier tube though but it did feel a little smoother and softer on the skin overall. It contains an SPF35 which I think makes it perfect for delicate skins for holiday's and the summer as most other cremes are lower in terms of SPF. 

However a full size version of this cream comes in at a whopping £32 (can be bought here from Debenhams) I know Estee Lauder is a high end cosmetic brand but for me that is crazy money - this product is not a foundation and doesn't offer in my opinion anything more than the £10 tubes made by other brands. I think if you're really into having brands on your make-up table then this is a lovely creme but for me it doesn't do much more than any of the cheaper versions you can pick up. 

Has anyone tried this BB cream? Does it match up for you? 


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  1. I tried the Garnier one but it was awful the Estee Lauder one looks good may have to try it