Saturday, 4 February 2012

Rimmel - Wake Me Up

I'm sure most people have seen the hundreds of adverts filling this months magazine's and the television campaign showing Kate Moss' flawless face. I really need to splurge out and buy a new foundation but I'm still torn in a MAC, Estee Lauder, Smashbox triangle. My clinique super moisture is coming to the end of its life so I'm trying to just use it for better occasions whilst I search for my next buy. 

So after being drawn in by this new foundation from Rimmel partly due to many samples in magazines that were actually the right shade (so strange) and also the fact that this was on offer in boots for £5.99 I thought it was a good buy. (RRP £8.99 normally)

It claims to be anti-fatique and give a radiant glow. I hate it when foundations write 'anti-fatique' on them because all foundations make you look less tired simply due to the nature of what they are. I've never used a foundation that doesn't not do this so I always think it's a little pointless. However it does have a lovely glow to it I love the dewy look so this gives a nice finish. 

It's a medium coverage foundation and the downside to this for me that even after playing around with primers it just seems to fall off my face by the middle of the day. Leaving work I look like I had no foundation on. It's good if you have time to retouch or you just want a light dewy effect foundation for a few hours or event however for me it just didn't last for a full day like I need. But I guess that's the kind of thing you get with lower priced foundations. It definitely works for the interim though whilst my skin isn't perfect and I'm choosing which brand to go with next. 

If anyone has any foundation recommendations I would love to hear them as it's proving very hard to choose!



  1. I've tired a sample I got of this today from Elle magazine. Absolutely LOVE it!!

    Marie x

  2. I'm so glad you did a review on this, I've been searching for one! Haha I use Bourjois Healthy Mix and it's a really nice foundation! :) Gillian x

  3. I really want to see what this and the bourjois healthy mix have to offer! Although I just got the new Chanel so I'll have to wait ahha xxxx