Monday, 13 February 2012

Shine Shock - John Frieda

This is yet another product lost in the tardis that is my beauty boxes. I think this one actually got put back when I changed my hair colour red but I've played around for it for a few days and despite it's brunette packaging it doesn't matter what hair colour you are. 

It's available on eBay at varying prices but mostly less than £5 including delivery. It's basically a glossy styling product. My hair isn't particularly thick but I have a lot of it so keeping all of the ends tamed is always hard. Putting this product through the tips of my hair when it's wet means it's left much more manageable dry. It gives a lovely gloss and keeps all fly away ends down. It has a great consistency as it doesn't leave you with horrible sticky hands and it has what almost looks like glitter in it's formula even though you don't get any glitter on your hair. 

I love John Freida products and if I could afford them I would use all the ranges shampoo's and styling products as I find they are just perfect for my hair. This product is very reasonable though its a 75ml tube and you only need a small amount to cover your hair. This product (when I remember to use it) leaves my hair looking a lot glossier and less fly away it also smells delicious. Again I'm very happy I found this amongst everything! 


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  1. oo never heard of this!! but im always on the hunt for stuff to make my hair shinier, and am currently using the john frieda root awakening line! might try this out, thanks for the review! xx