Sunday, 26 February 2012

Nicki Minaj for OPI

As a huge Nicki Minaj fan I was very excited to see she'd collaborated with one of my favourite nail brands O.P.I. Altogether their are 6 shades in the collection. The four included in the mini selection are: 

Did It On 'Em - A lusty little lacquer that loves the 'lime' - light. 
Fly - I came to win, to fight and to wear this aqua 
Pink Friday - Kick off the weekend with this pop! of bubblegum pink. 
Metallic 4 life - The enhanced sparkle flies with the stars in the skies 

The other two not in this selection that are available are Save Me - a rainbow glitter sparkle and Super Bass Shatter - a deep purple crackle polish. I'm not a huge fan of crackle polishes but would love to try Save Me and am tempted to buy it in full size as it looks delicious! All six full sized are available here. 

I love this little collection I think all the colours are so Nicki Minaj and you can imagine her wearing them all!  For me Fly is my favourite as I don't own any blue's in that shade and it creates such a strong colour in just a couple of coats. I know a lot of people have slated the choice of a bright lime green in the selection but I actually really like it - it's so different to anything you'd buy normally and I think it will be fun to create statement nails with this summer! Pink Friday is brilliant and couldn't not be included due to Nicki's album name, I have a few pinks in very similar shades but this one is brilliant and creates a good solid bubblegum pink. 

The one I didn't like quite so much was Metallic 4 Life - alone the colour build up wasn't very good and other than wearing it over black I don't think the black tinge to it would really work. I found it a little gritty too for a glitter polish. I think if I want to build up a strong black with silver glitter look I'd probably turn to just black polish and silver glitter alone so can't see myself using this that much overall. 

The polishes are available all over the internet here's a link to an amazon seller  They are pretty much £12.99 across the board! 

I love this collaboration and it's probably the first range I've actually been desperate to buy. They really work well as a collection and really are very Nicki Minaj. I think a lot of the time the polishes are just renamed to singers single titles but I think this range is that and also colours she'd wear herself. 

Has anyone tried any of the range or Save Me? 



  1. these are gorgeous! i absolutely love them, i desperately need a job to get these! hehex

  2. I love the color pink friday. But the problem is that he does not want on my nails, he comes off like a sticker: (