Monday, 23 July 2012

Goodbye 22, Hello 23.

I wanted to do a post that's a little bit thoughtful on the day before my 23rd birthday. Somehow birthdays seem to be coming around a lot faster than the used to. I love having a birthday in July it works out nicely as it splits up my year a little bit. 22 was a bit life changing really. I completed my degree in Public Relations and left my job of 2 years and relocated back to Southampton officially where I now have a new job. 

I feel like everyone my age is growing up way too fast - every time I log onto Facebook someone else is showing an engagement ring, a scan photo, wedding picture or new born baby. I am still spending all my money on cosmetics and shoes and I think its nice that way. I wish people would slow down and stop doing everything so quickly.

Also my 22nd year bought the introduction of 'The Hannah Chamberlain Foundation' into all of our lives which is something I am so excited to get launched this year and raise lots of money to such deserving people. Finally it bought about Magpie Obsessions here - I love keeping this blog and interacting with so many lovely people who love the things I do all over the world and can't wait to keep growing it and meeting new people from it this year. 

I think 23 will be a massive year for me, 22 kind of put down the foundations for lots of things. The charity is going to officially launch and I will get fully into the swing in my job. It also looks like I could end up living with a boy this year which is as much growing up as I'm prepared to do right now.

Thought I'd leave this little post the day before my birthday with some of my favourite moments of 22.


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