Sunday, 15 July 2012

L'Oreal Caresse - Nude Ingenue & Lovely Rose

I first bought L'Oreal Caresse at the end of April with my review here of Aprodite Scarlet and Dating Coral.  I have always kept one of these colours in my handbag since then and always reach for them. I think they are the perfect lip product in so many ways, they are ideal for topping up lip stains and also the perfect pigmentation for day wear or you can build them up for night time. I adore them and I'm surprised it's taken me this long to get some more shades to add to my collection. 

I bought Nude Ingenue and Lovely Rose. I've never heard of the word Ingenue so I googled it and it actually means 'A naive, innocent girl or young woman' which I think is a little unnecessary but it does kind of work for the shade I guess. Another thing that annoyed me a little bit was the gorgeous metallic shades on the lid of these products aren't unique to the shades inside. The pink on Lovely Rose and Aphrodite Scarlet is exactly the same - I think it would have been useful to use shades that showed off the colour so they were easier to pick out from a collection of them in your drawer. 

However they are only little gripes I love these two shades they are a lot softer than the colours I reviewed previously but they are perfect day time shades. They both have a lovely streak of shimmer that comes through on the lip too which is gorgeous. I love L'Oreal Caresse, the packaging is so sleek and is perfect in my handbag. They are super creamy and the colour can be built up depending on what you need them for. They retail for £7.99 and are often on buy one get the second half price like here currently at boots. There are so many more shades I want to get my hands on I do find that the boots I go to never have the entire shade range and often stock just 4 or 6 of the colours so I will be picking them up when I see them in future. 

Does anyone else love L'Oreal Caresse as much as I do? And what shades should I add to my collection? 



  1. I have both these colours plus a couple more, one of them is a lovely fushia shade with blue undertones so pretty :) all the caresse lipsticks are so pretty and creamy x

  2. I love the Caresse range. They're so pretty - perfect for work and like you say, great to build up colour for a night out x