Monday, 9 July 2012

Simple - Revitalising Eye Roll On

I picked this up as part of a three for two offer as a 'i'd just like to see what it does' kind of product. I have never really felt the need for a revitalising eye roll-on as I mostly rely on caffeine to wake me up. However as massive Simple Skincare junkie I thought I'd give it ago also at £4.99 in boots it was one of the cheapest compared to similar products. 

It has a little metal ball at the top which aims to cool and massage away the look of tired eyes. I think this product works because the metal ball is cold is shocks you awake. I tried to put this product in different places, the bathroom, my cosmetics drawer, and by my bed. No matter where I put it or what the temperature this little metal ball manages to stay so cold. After the initial shock of coldness on your morning eyes it is a nice product it wakes you up and does take away puffiness. 

I think its ideal if you have an abnormally early morning like a plane ride or an early work event as it does brighten your eyes and force you awake. It isn't a product I reach for everyday or particularly have a need for its definitely a little extra that's handy for certain days. I think if you have sleepy eyes regularly and you need a little morning eye pick me up this is definitely the thing to have in your drawer. 

Has anyone else tried this?


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  1. I could really do with some of this, my eyes are always tired in the morning x