Friday, 13 July 2012

Moo Mini Business Cards

I've been wanting some little business cards for while as with graduation looming its been on my mind that I need to get my name out there in any way possible. I also find I get in conversations about my PR degree or blog and have nothing to give people to get in touch so that was the basis for getting these made. 

I searched around and read lots of reviews - actually found it very weird that most companies only offer one sided business cards and if you want the other side done they either don't do it or charge you ridiculous amounts. I went with Moo as I know a few people that have used them and the quality and print of them has been of such a high standard I couldn't not use them really. I also got a wee discount that was a Klout perk so it's worth checking your score (just for fun) and perks as it offered me a discount on my cards. 

I choose mini cards as I loved the look of them and I also find they fit neatly in either my purse on handbag.  What I love about Moo is you can upload as many different 'fronts' as you want - I went with four shown above. This is perfect as if I'm giving out a card that's blog specific I can use one with 'Magpie Obsessions' on the front and if not can just go with a 'Georgina Callen.' 

I had a problem with my first set of cards too (all my own fault) and they quickly advised on a re-upload and got a new set sent out! Amazing customer service which made it for me. I also bought a little Mini Card holder for just £2.99 which is perfect for keeping my cards all neat in my messy handbag. 

I wanted to share these with you basically as the company super impressed me and also because I love them and have found them so useful in talking about my blog at any given opportunity :) 


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  1. I love moo cards - I've had a few versions now and prefer them to those you have to order 1000 of as I'm always bored with those before I've used them up !