Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Obsessing Over Storage

1. John Lewis Acrylic Cosmetics Organiser £11.50
2. Ikea Helmer Drawer Unit £24.95
3. John Lewis Small Acrylic Cosmetics Organiser £7.50
4. 3 Piece Clear Make-Up Storage Bags £6

I have always been insanely organised and with more time on my hands this has stepped up many notches recently. My shoes now sit neatly on a little rack arranged by colours, and I constantly have about three spreadsheets open letting me know how life is panning out. The only area of my life that seems to always be in a mess is that of make-up, hair and skin care products. So I've put this little list together of quite sensible birthday present idea's haha or just the things I will be buying to get my collections in order. I am also very aware that I am planning on moving in with a boy at some point soon and I think my collections in the state they are in will just make him run a mile so this kind of organisation is for the good of my relationship. I've seen lots of acrylic organisers on eBay and such but particularly loved these John Lewis ones which are surprisingly very competitively priced too. Also the 3 piece make-up bags are something I just need some of - I think clear make-up bags are a god send in my wardrobe and I need more of them to contain my collection.

The key piece of this storage post is the Helmer Drawer Unit I've seen this on more blogs than I could link to but mostly I have lusted after it from seeing Lily from What I Heart Today's incredible organisation of it in this video and it would just be ideal to house all my cosmetics and skincare. At only £25 I think its a brilliant buy too and will fit in perfectly with my room and white furniture.

If anyone has done a post or video on their storage please send me the links on here or twitter @georgincallen because I am loving seeing everyone's idea's and inspirations at the moment :)


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  1. I'm obsessing over this and I'm constantly changing things. I really can't wait to move into my own house so I can actually have a make-up table and I'm really loving the acrylic organisers from Muji!