Thursday, 19 July 2012

New Brush Storage

After my post 'Obsessing Over Storage' I have literally been obsessing over storage. I was in a really big Tesco Home store the other day and was lusting over some pretty stationary (really weird obsession I have) and I spotted this acrylic pen pot. It is actually on a ball bearing coaster so spins around making all the little compartments accessible when it's on a shelf or in a cupboard. I adore this little pot it has compartments all different sizes perfect for storing brushes, cotton buds, tweezers and just everything you reach for daily. The best bit is that because it was in the stationary isle is only cost me £3.86 - I swear if this was in a storage or cosmetic isle it would be about £15. I can't find it online but I've seen it in my larger Tesco Extra too so think it's about and they had loads in the Tesco Home I bought it in. It's made me realise that just searching down the storage isle might not have the best options! 



  1. BABE i love your posts so much right now! They're all amazing!!!! Is your stipple brush amazing? I use my fingers..... let me know! :D xxxxx

  2. I will be hunting this down in my local Tesco! :) Thanks