Sunday, 22 July 2012

L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil

L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil RRP £9.99 (Currently £6.66 - Boots)

I'm pretty obsessed with oils for my hair at the moment. I've been buying them like their going out of fashion since trying the Tresemme Liquid Gold in April.  After going through a major hair overhaul and bleaching the hell out of my tips - I can hand on heart say that hair oils have completely rejuvenated my hair and has turned the tangled bleached mess that were my ends into manageable locks again.  

The L'Oreal version of hair oil comes in two types the one I have which is designed for coloured hair and one for normal hair. Like all hair oils it claims it can be used in lots of different ways - I mostly just used the Tresemme one when my hair was wet after a shower and before styling. However I actually prefer to use this L'Oreal oil when my hair is dry. I find its a lot thinner to touch and spreads really easily over dry hair keeping hair looking a lot sleeker throughout the day. I do sometimes use this brand when my hair is wet too but I feel its texture and consistency suits itself to my hair dry. My hair isn't overly thick but I have a lot of it so find this product is a little too light for my wet hair but it perfectly tames it when dry. 

At £6.66 right now it's a steal as it comes in a very generous 100ml which will last me ages. I love the pump applicator and overall look of the product. I like that glass bottle because it feels a little more luxurious but it means I would never dare travel with it so this product will always remain firmly in my home. 

Has anyone else tried L'Oreal's hair oil or have any recommendations for others? I'm in love with them at the moment so am on the look out for new buys ... 



  1. I keep seeing this and wondering how good it is, I may just have to try it now!

  2. No way thats so cheap, ill deffo scour my boots for this bad boy hehe x

  3. Ooh, think I'll definitely check this out. I really love Osmo Berber Oil at the moment, smells so good!