Saturday, 7 July 2012

Kleenex Eye Make-Up Removal Wipes

I've been talking about Kleenex a lot recently an this was one of the last products I bought and have gotten around to using. The Kleenex Cleansing Wipes (review here) are some of the best make-up removing wipes I've used to after a day of very heavy eye make-up I felt it was time to use these too.

These eye make-up removal wipes are about half the size of the cleansing wipes but I think that's really the only difference in them. They smell the same, feel the same, take my make-up off the same but are just sized a little more like your eyes rather than your face. They are usually £2.99 but like the rest of the Kleenex range are on offer in most places for £1.99 like here at Superdrug.

As they are pretty much the cleansing wipes but smaller - I like them, they are quite cute and if you have limited space in luggage or your bag then these are perfect as the packaging is so much smaller than the full size cleansing wipes. If you use make-up wipes just for eye make up then these are ideal as well as they are much smaller and easier to use around the eye area.


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