Monday, 2 January 2012

2012 - I'm ready for you.

I think this year round the 2nd January for me as like many other people marks the first day of the year. After yesterday's hangover sleepy day I have woken up with one full day before work determined to get a lot of things done. 

I crazy love a spreadsheet - it's probably one of my geekiest attributes but I have so many of the things open all the time. This morning I've already started some brand new ones to keep 2012 in check. The scales have scared me into a mad diet plan and I am just about to hit the gym. It made me realise I'm a little bit of a January cliché!

Dieting - Gym - No Alcohol - Cleaning - Working out finances - starting assignments - reading  

The list goes on but I am starting 2012 with no false expectation I don't believe anyone deserves luck I think you've got to make your own. If you want something work hard to get it don't expect to have a good year just because your last one was rubbish. I also think its crazy how so many people write the last year off as the 'worst year of my life' I think it gets thrown around far too regularly. Look at it a little bit and I think 9/10 it will seem not so bad. 

My biggest goal this year is to get a 2:1 in my degree so I'll be working hard to achieve that. Of course I have lots of other more cosmetic goals like losing some weight, getting fit, running the whole of the race for life easily - but I'm hoping along with my spreadsheets I'll be able to achieve them all. 

I hope everyone is feeling fabulous this morning, 

2012 I'm going to hit you hard!


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