Saturday, 14 January 2012

BB Cream - Miracle Skin?

I'm forever on the search for as perfect foundation, and I'm still yet to find it. However I'm currently very loyal to Clinique Super Moisture as it ticks all the boxes but I still think it's missing a certain something when it comes to consistency. Recently amongst a post Christmas detox and revision hell my skin has been a nightmare and the thickness of my usual foundation is just making it worse. I've tried everything to cover up my breakout but nothing has really done the job without making my skin 10x worse when I take it off. 

I've read alot about the new fad of BB creams and wasn't really sure they'd live up the hype of giving you miracle skin. Imagining them to be just like tinted moisturiser I didn't really see the point. However with my skin so bad and the need for something lighter to cover up I thought I'd give it ago. 

I know a lot of brands are making these at the moment but I found this Garnier one at my local Sainsbury's so was really convenient. It was available there in medium and light and was priced at £9.99. I chose medium as I thought it would work better with my ever changing face colour and love for fake tan. For a cream for me it would be too expensive but I paid roughly the same for tinted moisturiser anyway so thought even if that was all it offered it was reasonable. 

This product is like nothing I've ever tried before and I don't really know where to start in describing it. It's a tinted moisturiser, a foundation and a face cream all in one. 

The box claims it does the following 5 things: 
evens tones and boost glow 
blurs imperfections 
smooths fine lines 
24 hr hydration
SPF 15 UV protection 

In the large picture above my skin on that side is pretty horrendous at the moment I have a massive breakout across my right cheek and even though you can still make it out after applying the BB cream it is perfect for going out. I am ridiculously impressed, it's as soft as a face cream with better coverage than some foundations I have tried. Hopefully using this in the day will leave my skin a bit more open to recover from it's current state . However I think even after it's recovery I will definitely be using this product from now on. 

For more info on the Garnier website you can go here. 


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