Monday, 16 January 2012

My Week.

Wanted to sum up the last 7 days in post partly because I've seen some amazing films and partly because I feel my cuticles get more space than my actual life. This is basically the 'I do other things apart from paint my nails' post. However following this is definitely a 'I've painted my nails post' oops. 

Anyway I have two exams this week and if I pass them they will be my last exams ever of my academic life. Which is ridiculously scary but also really exciting I just want them over with now. I've been a mass of library books, journals and highlighter pens for the best part of the last week. I however have squeezed in some time to actually have a life. I went to Winchester last weekend and picked up the prettiest phone case ever from the Cath Kidston store (pictured) amongst other little sale bargains. It was also my boyfriends birthday so we went for a lovely meal in a pub by where we life. 

I've included a picture of 'happy monkey' smoothies probably my best find ever! I hate the bits in smoothies so these children's versions are perfect for me, also they are much cheaper than the innocent ones! They are keeping up my vitamin intake in amongst revision hell. 

The two films I caught this week were both amazing - which is pretty rare these days most of the films I make it to the cinema to see are always a huge let down. However I love the pre-oscar month as all the best releases are put out at once! 

The Help - absolutely beautiful storyline completely heart wrenching and amazingly performances throughout.  This is a bit of a girly one but the amazing storyline made it bearable for the boyfriend too. I recommend this film to anyone it's one of the best films I've seen in a long time! It's the type of film you want to get up and cheer at the end of. 

Warhorse - Initially we only chose to see this film as it has Spielberg's name on. I don't have a huge love for horses in fact I'm quite petrified them so wasn't really expecting much. I find wars and in particular WW1 and WW2 really interesting so thought it would be a good watch. I was very unprepared for this film I literally cried for about 2 hours straight. It's again a real heart-wrencher with amazing performances from the horses as well as the humans.  It's a long one and I've never read or seen any other adaptations of the story so can't comment on it's supposed 'hollywood' ending as I haven't seen any others it worked for me. 

So that's been my week in between revision hopefully once these exams are over and I get into a lovely dissertation schedule I'll be able to get a bit of my life back. *living in a dream world* 


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