Sunday, 1 January 2012

Red to Red - Colour B4 Review

It's a little weird but I'm not a fan of hairdressers. I love having good hair but I just hate the whole set up of a hairdressers and have had a few bad experiences in the past. So I just don't go anywhere near as often as I should. I've made it a New Year's resolution to treat my hair with a little more love and attend the salon more frequently. However I'm also a student and as I only ever dye my hair shades of red or brown I've always saved money and used home dye kits. I think browns and reds come out really well this way. 

The red tones in my hair had started to get a little dull and my roots had started coming through strongly. I have quite a lot of dye build up on my hair due to a period of wanting to have pure black hair - wouldn't go there again. So my hair always ends up a few shades darker at the tips than roots. I can normally get away with this as my hair is really long but decided it was time to attempt an at home colour remover before dying.

I used extra strength colour B4 available here. It was surprisingly easy to do and used the same principles of hair dye. 

It says this on the box: 
Undo Home Hair Colour Mistakes with Colour B4!!
Colour B4 Extra for darker hair types reverses the effect of unwanted colour following application.
How it works? Colour B4 shrinks the artificial dye molecules embedded within the hair, enabling you to simply wash them away. Colour B4 does not affect your natural hair colour, meaning the result following use is the shade which lay beneath your artificial colour.
Safe: Colour B4 does not contain bleach or ammonia and it's safe to re-colour your hair immediately following the use of Colour B4. Therefore, you can still achieve the hair colour you desire.

It does smell awful like a cross between eggs and hair dye so do not do this if you're feeling a little queasy. 
I had to leave it on for 60 minutes and wrap cling film around my head - not the most attractive look but I wanted to get the best results possible. Apparently the warmer your head is and the more you keep the heat in the more the colour molecules can be shrunk. 

This was the after result! I was impressed - it worked a lot better than I thought it would and was so easy to do. It says it's safe to dye your hair straight after and due to the kind of orangey light tones it left mine it was definitely needed! However I did leave it 24 hours just because I was a little scared. 

I dyed it using Live Salon Style Intense Red 5-29 Available here. It was really reasonable at only £3.50 in Sainsbury's.  It's quite bright and I love it for now I'm thinking of using two colour B4 kits next time to try and get rid of the build up on my tips. Will definitely be using this between dye's to avoid future build up it was so easy to use!  



  1. I am also weirded out by hairdressers, i think it's now become a fear!
    This is great i always struggle with my old colour coming through a few weeks later xx

  2. i love it!!
    laur x

  3. well done lady pants! the red looks fierce! big loves.