Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Vintage Pink Flowers, Today's Nails.

I bought these nail art stickers ages ago from a mass buy on and just haven't got round to using them. I decided I deserved a break after my day of revision so thought I'd give them a go. So my trusted Vintage Pink nail varnish is out again from Model's Own because I just completely love it! 

These stickers were super cheap at only £1.25 for a set of two sticker sheets available here. Super easy to apply just wait until your varnish is completely dry and stick down with tweezers they are super thin so you have to be gentle but after a few goes its really easy. They are also very sticky so you can't move them once you've placed them which I think makes them hard to apply but means they won't budge once on. I set mine with some clear varnish and voila some full on nail art. 

Overall I love them such a bargain, the other sheet I got is bright flowers and stars so I'm going to wait till the summer to use them. They are so thin they actually look really good on nails and almost pass as a professional manicure! I highly recommend. I think they are the perfect solution to having nail designs without the horribleness of nail wraps! 



  1. Awww these nails look so pretty :) I love nude nail vanishes' and the flower stickers add an extra dose of prettiness

  2. Oh wow your nails look fantastic!

    Marie x