Friday, 27 January 2012

A post dedicated to Baby Shampoo :)

This is a bit of weird one. But this morning I was appreciating what Johnson's baby shampoo did to my hair and I felt like it deserved a post. Sudocream and baby shampoo are two of my most used beauty products and I realised how much I actually use baby shampoo. 

Hair: my hair isn't particularly thick but I have a lot of it so it does get tangled and abused quite regularly. I've been using baby shampoo once a week for the past few years and it's pretty much saved my hair. I can't use it daily as it makes my hair to fly away however once a week leaves it soft and much easier to manage. I dye my hair regularly, straighten it, curl it, backcomb it and basically put every product under the sun onto it and this product has been my saving grace. 

Make-up brushes: also and I know this is a well known fact but it has saved my make-up brushes too. I always wash my brushes in baby shampoo and this set have lasted so long. I bought this Ruby and Millie set years ago (when the brand was still around) and they weren't luxury or the most expensive brush set although at the same time they weren't cheap however I've found washing them this way has made them outlast my predicted life span for them. 

For only a few pound a bottle I think baby shampoo is one of my complete must haves. I love it! It's saved my hair and my make-up brushes and this is why I wanted to dedicate an entire post to it. 




  1. I always use this on my make-up brushes!!!!!!!! xxx

  2. ive forgotten my love for the baby shampoo i might have to just go get it now thanks :P would be great if you could check mine out