Saturday, 21 January 2012

Volumising Powder Review

I headed to Tesco earlier in search for a product that would add some volume to my roots for tonights big hair attempt. I've seen this product advertised a few times and thought I'd give it ago. Most products I've tried in the hope of achieving volumizing roots have failed massively or left me with awfully greasy hair. This was only £4 at my local Tesco Schwarzkopf Got 2 Be Volumising Style Powder  and the link here is for superdrug at the same price. 

I didn't really have any expectations as it was bought on a bit of whim as there wasn't much choice for what I wanted. The product feels so light you could easily think there is nothing in the bottle. Obviously being a powder this is the reason for its lack of weight but even so for me it just felt strange to pick up an almost weightless product. 

It has a really fine consistency and is pure white, the directions say you need to rub your hands together and then rub into your roots. When you rub your hands together the product almost disappears but you can feel a kind of matte gummy feel left on your palms. It's strange because it disappears completely and I was scared to use too much at first. However after rubbing into my roots it definitely gives volume. It's hard to use because you almost want to use your finger tips rather than your palms but I couldn't seem to rub it in to fingertips without spilling it everywhere. It didn't leave my hair greasy though and did exactly what it said. I'm going to try to add some to my roots when my hair is curly as I often find the curls drag my roots down so I think it will work better with curls, we'll see. 

For the price tag and it's ease of use though its definitely worth it in my opinion I noticed a few on the market  by different makes too. I think for a day to day little spruce of flat hair it's ideal! 


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